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Rumor Induced Knock

Posted by Non-Hamster on October 27th, 2012

I had an unexpected visitor recently and of course, it wouldn't be Nutjob Hills if the visitor did things the entirely "normal" way.  This kid who looked to be all of maybe 19 knocked on my door at 3:30am.  At first I ignored the unwelcome visit at this hour of what it supposed to be my time of genuine peace and quiet in which I have at least a chance of getting something done.

Then, after he knock persisted for a full fifteen minutes I grudgingly got up to answer the door, if only to make the noise stop.  In none too good a mood I opened the door and asked why he was knocking on my door at this hour instead of almost anything else.

The kid didn't even blink.  He simply said that he was here for a personalized padfolio that the school had promised him.

Y'know, I'm all for education and even (within reason) the idea of schools providing little incentives to keep kids in school and actually learning.  I mean seriously, there's fewer and fewer kids with any interest in learning these days and anything that encourages this is probably a good thing.

Until that is, some nincompoop in school administration prints an information sheet with the wrong address and an even more wrong time on it.  My address, 3:30 in the morning.

Because I was actually busy with something I only spent five minutes informing him that he obviously was given the wrong address and some details about what I thought both of the person responsible and his lack of sense in blindly coming to someone's door at such an hour.

When I finally stopped and without waiting for his response went back inside, he appeared to be a bit shell shocked.

Good.  One thing that kids lack today is a good strong dose of reality and trust me, he got one.

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