That’s what he’s causing. Pure unadulterated insanity.

I’m talking of course about yoga guy, the complete and total loon that insists that the only proper what for him to do his yoga is at four am with super loud music playing at max volume.

I had been under the vastly mistaken impression that he had finally quit doing this when I discovered that he had only been out of town buying new sound equipment that’s is going to enable him to make even more hideous sounds than ever before.

Now to make matters worse, adding insult to injury as it were, he has decided to take up an instrument. It seems that in addition to going to the big city to buy electronics he also took time to get a new, not to mention loud, bach tr300 trumpet at wwbw which he is going to be practicing while he does his yoga.

Exactly HOW he’s supposed to do both at the same time is a complete mystery to me. Though honestly if he could do it quietly I wouldn’t care in the least. As it is, he’s going to be playing that horn a lot ( or trying to play it).