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Shortened Language

Posted by Non-Hamster on November 21st, 2012

I realize that most people today seem to be in the most incredible God-Awful hurry to do absolutely anything but I really have to admit that I wish that this didn't extend to their use of English to the extent that it does.

For example recently I saw a sign at a flea market (why is it called that anyway?  Who buys fleas?!?) that proclaimed best selection stuffed animals.  I understand the message they were trying to convey that they had the widest variety of stuffed animals and that a customer has a very good chance of finding exactly what they want.

The problem is something that I've seen more and more of since text messaging became popular on cell phones and even more so since Twitter became popular.

People now seem to have it ingrained in them to say as much as posslbe with the least number of characters as possible.  The problem is that the English language is taking a royal beating in the process.

Very strict English teachers like those that I had in school so many years ago no double cringe every time they see such abuses.

What really makes me cringe is the thought of what their reaction would have been had I used such abbreviated language in their classes.

It's not a pretty picture at all.

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