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I Don't Need this

Posted by Non-Hamster on November 22nd, 2012

Not long ago I mentioned that my neighbor (whom I refer to as "yoga guy" because he's almost psychotic about his yoga and the inexplicable need to practice it at four am i his front yard with loud rock music playing at max volume) was talking about putting together a band so that he could have live music instead of just pre-recorded stuff.

Well, I heard him talking to somebody at the Nutjob Hills Diner yesterday.  He was interviewing a possible member of one of these bands (did I mention he wants four of them playing at once?  Yeah, I agree, insane.).  The kid who was all of 18 and a couple minutes was telling him how for his birthday last week he got this outstanding sennheiser from guitar center along with a brand new amp and set of concert speakers to go With it.

Hearing this, I had to leave.  Don't get me wrong, I like music (well, instrumental music) and I even like instrumental rock music, especially guitar solos.  There's some really good stuff out there if you look for it.  What I don't like however is the idea of this young guitar man wannabe and sixteen to twenty of his friends rocking their brains out playing three to five different pieces simultaneously at four am on my neighbors front lawn.

The electric guitar is actually a great invention.  My problem is when people abuse it like this.  They need to have their guitars put somewhere really special.  Someplace where the sun never shines.

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