Vat19 Strikes Again

Recently I’ve written about some of the cool stuff I’ve seen at just because I thought they were cool like the lava lamps and the USB Missile Launcher. What could make a site like that cooler than it already was? How about being offered some sample products to try out? I am not a hamster, you only have to say “free” once to get my attention and like I said, I like their stuff. A lot of it speaks to the kid in all of us

After some anticipation my samples arrived. First up was Insta Snow Fake Snow Powder. I remember when I was a kid decorating the Christmas tree was always a big deal. One of the ingredients was the “snow” used in decoration. It added to the “icicle” effect of the tinsel to make the tree look freshly snowed on. Of course the “snow” came in a spray can and never looked as good on the tree as it did in the advertising.

This Insta Snow is another ball game entirely. You measure out some of the Insta Snow, add a measured amount of water and within seconds you’ve got something that looks like snow. It can be handled and applied to a Christmas tree or anywhere else you want the snow effect and since one jar can make up to two gallons of Insta Snow, you’re probably not going to run out very soon. For the scientifically curious, it also includes an explanation of how it works.

The next Item was 1 Smencils Gourmet Scented Pencil. At first glance this looks like an ordinary pencil packaged in a tube. The difference becomes really obvious when you open the tube. The pencil is scented. It’s made of recycled newspaper and impregnated with a scent. They come in packages of ten with each pencil in it’s own individual plastic tube. There’s ten different scents.

The “flavors” include Chocolate, Orange, Cherry, Cotton Candy, Grape, Watermelon, Popcorn, Root beer, Very Berry, and Bubble Gum. Mine is cherry and when I open that tube the cherry scent fills the room. According to the vat19 site the scent is applied to each layer of the pencil so it’s going to be a real treat when it comes time to sharpen it and yes, it writes just like a normal pencil.

color flame candlesLast was Color Flames Colored Candles. This is something that I would have loved to have as a kid when birthdays rolled around. These candles aren’t just colored wax. When you light them, the flame is actually in color. The colors don’t show very well in the picture but I assure you that is only because of my photography. (I’m not exactly working with what you’d call a great camera.)

color flame candlesThis is perfect if your kids have seen the re-lighting candle trick enough times to be bored by it. I guarantee that seeing the candles burn with colored flames will definitely get their attention. That’s what’s so cool about a lot of the vat19 products. There’s some fun in nearly anything they have and a fair amount of usefulness to lots of it as well. Like these Computer Care Screen Wipes. They look like the sort of little (6 inch long) plushie animals that are seen perched atop many a monitor but there’s a difference. These little guys are lemon scented and the tummy is a Chamois… perfect for cleaning and dusting your monitor. They even remove static. Now really, you can’t beat that with a 500 foot nerf bat.

I’m definitely going to be watching that place to see what pops up next.