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The Search For Intelligent Life Begins On Earth

Posted by Non-Hamster on December 4th, 2012

Have you ever heard of S.E.T.I.?  In case you haven't, the acronym stands for Search for Extra-Terestrial Intelligence.  Basically it's a pretty large group of astronomers world wide that are using radio telescopes and a whole lot of analysis in an effort to find signals coming from space that are not natural and therefore indicate the existence of intelligent life on other planets.

It's an interesting project and who knows, they might actually find something someday.  However I'm kinda thinking that if they want to search for intelligent life perhaps they should start looking here on Earth.

Why?  Because Earth is in desperate need of intelligent people because there are so very few of them known to exist.  (if that statement offends you then you are proof of it's accuracy)

I don't have to look any farther than right here in Nutjob Hills for evidence to support what I'm saying.

Take Joey for example.  He's an otherwise ordinary kid in his thirties (hey, when you're over fifty anyone younger than forty seems like a kid to you.) He goes to work every day, mows his lawn every two weeks in the summer, has a family and does all the ordinary things that people do.

The thing is though that he is absolutely fixated on the idea that he can somehow generate free energy by capturing wind with a device he thought of in his teens.  Because of this his back yard is no longer a place for his kids to play, instead it's where he has been building, tweaking and re-designing a machine to prove his idea works.

Instead of lawn furniture, swingsets, pools and so on it's a maze of flexible stainless steel tubing, wireing, and strange looking contraptions that have been cobbled together out of all manner of things from appliances to things that he's taken off of cars in the local junk yard.

Every once in a while he starts it up to test it and when he does the lights in the neighborhood dim noticably, there's a lot of very strange noises and flashing lights.  There has even been occasional intense bursts of static electricity that bears a strong resemblence to lightning.

In all the time he's worked on it the thing has never generated any useable amount of power, never mind even approach the megawatts that he requires for it to run.

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