“Analysis Mr. Spock”

I suppose it had to happen sooner or later. A Menlo Park based firm called “Spock Inc.” has appeared and is currently in Beta testing with a service that is supposed to compile all the information available on people. They search through the Internet and weed out all the junk to compile the most complete up to date picture they can of just about anybody.

Spock Aims to Refine People Searches

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) – A search engine startup promises to deliver more targeted results on queries about people, whether it’s your ex-girlfriend, the guy from the bar last night, or Paris Hilton.

My only comment is more about the name they chose to put on it. I am not a hamster and anything called “Spock” is going to have to be a LOT more comprehensive than just people searches. There’s got to be a more appropriate name for something that does “people searches” This post sponsored by lab88.com, specializing in natural metabolism enhancement solutions that ought to be a lot safer than Tenuate or things like it.

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