Time For Another Blog

Well, Actually it’s past time. I am not a hamster, I’m sure theres people looking at that and wondering how I can say something like that in a world with 500 bazillion blogs out there? Easy, because it’s mine.

It’s also past time in that I’ve already been writing in it for a while now. I just haven’t bothered to do much in the way of announcing it until I had gotten most of my customizing of the template done.

The name of this new blog is “Tinfoil Chef“, and it’s all about the fact that I love good food and the fact that in recent years I’ve discovered a love of cooking and I’ve been learning a lot and have discovered that I enjoy writing about what I like and what I’ve been learning.

So if you enjoy good food a tip or three here and there and even occasional reviews of local-to-me-restaurants, appliances and nearly anything to do with the kitchen and food.

Shamelessly, I’d also appreciate people that have a few seconds, taking time to hit the Technorati favorite button for it or even linking to it. -Thanks in Advance.