Battery Conspiracy

I realize that this title may sound a bit “out there” but I think that there really is such a conspiracy on the part of companies that make batteries.

You see they want you to buy the single use batteries because you use them and when their charge is depleted you have to buy another set.

I don’t like using single use batteries because it makes infinitely more sense to me to use rechargeable batteries because once they’re drained, all I have to do is recharge them and they can be used again.

The problem is twofold.

One, rechargeable batteries are much more expensive. I don’t for one second believe that it has anything to do with how costly they are to make. Rather it is because those who use rechargeable batteries don’t buy multiple sets of single use batteries.

Two, in my experience they are much harder to find in the first place. For example I’ve got some clocks around the house that are battery powered. Most people will simply put a single use battery in it and change it a few times a year as needed. I prefer to use rechargeables so that I don’t have to buy new ones all the time. The problem is that finding something like a set of aa rechargeable batteries and a charging device is not easy. This difficulty is complicated by the fact that I live in a rural area where things that might be easy to find in more densely populated places are either rare or just plain unavailable.

So after looking all over I end up having to order them online and hope that the shipping doesn’t encounter a problem because of me being out here in the sticks.