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Sight Unseen

Posted by Non-Hamster on December 28th, 2012

Mr. F. has a somewhat unusual business.  He calls himself a "Dealer in Eyewear".  Most people would just say that they sell eyeglasses and be done with it but he likes to make things sound fancier than they really are.

The thing is though that he does all of his buisness by phone.  Exactly how he makes this work I have no idea though because I for one would never buy eyeglasses without first being able to see the designs to pick out one that I like and second being able to try them on and make sure that they can be fitted to me for maximum comfort and effectiveness.

Yet somehow he is managing to do quite a bit of business by making cold phone calls and pitching his product.  He makes a big deal about how he has the absolutely best selection of prescription eyeglasses available anywhere.  He even gives a sixty day 100% money back guarantee.  I can see somebody selling something like that online because at least then you can see pictures of what you're buying.  How he managest to do this on the phone and cold calling at that is beyond me but he's doing well enough that he's recently quit his day job to go full time with this new business.

I can't help thinking that there's a hidden catch somewhere.

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