Pentagon: Five Walls, No Brain.

If ever there was proof positive that government and military drones in charge of running things don’t have the capacity for independent thought then this is a prime example:


Adding insult to injury, the Pentagon recently sent a bill to a Pa. vet sent home
from Iraq after being wounded by an IED and blinded in one eye. Because he didn’t
fulfill his tour, he was told he had to repay nearly $3,000 of his signing bonus.

I am not a hamster, you can’t tell me that they’re going to hold this soldier responsible for not doing his full tour. It’s not like he’s skipped out of duty and gone AWOL or something… I mean the guy was nearly blown to pieces doing his duty. He’s blinded in one eye and has other injuries.. all of which adds up to the fact that he’s not able to continue active duty.

.. and now these idiots want him to pay back a signing bonus??!!? They ought to pay him a double bonus hazard pay for nearly getting blown up.