Something Missing

Things were going good (well, depending on your point of view) at yoga guy’s first practice session this afternoon when suddenly he ordered everybody to stop playing. He said that there was one element missing from this little “concert” and that unless it could be added the whole thing was going to fail.

Upon hearing this I was suddenly hopeful that whatever it was would be something that would take him years to find and arrange to include in his nightmare of sound. Sadly however this was not the case as he said that this mismatched troupe of musical wannabees needed to add at least a dozen recorders to it’s number before the sound would be even close to almost thinking about being right.

“Recorders” I asked myself? Only one of the most basic, common instruments in existence. Why couldn’t it have been something really rare like the Vulcan Lute or the Gorn wheeze whistle?

This means that he’s going to be back up and running in almost no time.