No. Just NO.

I think that Valentine’s day has somehow infected many with some form of insanity. I say this not only because when I happened to stop by Wal-Mart within a day or so of that holiday the place was totally jam packed. I realize that a lot of people take that holiday fairly seriously but honestly, I can’t imagine it being *THAT* important. Certainly not enough to bring everyone within three counties to shop for Valentine’s gifts within a few days of the 14th.

Another reason is some of the advertising I’ve seen lately. I’ve even gotten robot telemarketing calls telling me that I need to check out this or that jeweler for my wedding ring choices. Adverts in the mail have been similarly focused. I’ve even had a few random people saying that “V-Day” is getting close and I need to be ready.

The thing is that *I* have zero reason to be even the slightest bit interested in “V-Day” in the least. I’m single and have been since my wife died in 2008 and I have no interest in becoming majorly involved with anyone, let alone even *thinking* about marrying anyone. Therefore advice that I should check out a website for mens wedding rings or head over to somebody’s favorite jewelry store to look over their ring offerings is totally and completely wasted on me.

I have ZERO plans for or interest in anything like that at this time. I’ll admit that as long as I’m breathing it is possible that this might change someday but I’m here to tell ya that this would take somebody *really* incredibly special to make that even consider thinking about happening.