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Sound Issues

Posted by Non-Hamster on March 6th, 2013

So lately I've been having a mess of sound problems.  It all started when I had to replace my hard drive.  When I installed windows 7 on it and started getting all of my programs re-installed it seems that something somewhere changed from how things were set up on the old hard drive.

Suddenly games that I had zero sound problems recording were a major pain.  The game sounds and in-game music were drowning me out.. sometimes completely in places.

To this day I haven't figured out what the difference was and I can't just boot up the old hard drive to compare settings.  I mean it was replaced for a good reason.  The windows image on it is un-useable in the extreme.

I know that I did NOT change any other hardware.  I have the same motherboard & sound system.  The same speakers, the same headset mic.  Yet it took me a good three weeks to come up with a totally new sound arrangement that let me be heard over in-game sounds.

During this time I got a lot of well intentioned advice from people trying to offer helpful suggestions to get things working right again.  Many of them told me that I should get a new usb microphone and that would solve my problems.  What they apparently didn't know was that the mic I have been using with great success for several months is in fact a USB model, the Turtle Beach Ear Force X-12.

When I originally switched from my old $17 logitech mic to the X-12 people noticed a vast improvement in my sound quality immediately.  Why it went from "awesome" to "huh?" in one day is entirely beyond me.

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