Today’s P.I.T.A., Losing Weight

As anyone who has ever tried can tell you, losing weight is a %%@ $$!%%! and a half, something I’m very familiar with myself. let’s face it, I am not a hamster, I’m too fargin big for one thing!

You know the drill, you try to diet (which works fine until your old habits come back and you give in to them) you try to exercise and so on.. and on. For most people the diet and exercise in one form or another will do the job eventually if they stick to it. Then there’s the ones that no matter what they do they cannot get a handle on the weight. For them there is other alternatives, some more severe than others. One of the less severe methods that’s getting a lot of press these days is “Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Banding”, also known as the “LapBand” system.

This thing temporarily reduces the stomach capacity, which cuts down how much food that you’re capable of eating at one time. It means you’ll actually feel full on less food. You get used to eating less at a time and that by itself starts you losing weight. Add an exercise program to that and you can really surprise yourself and others with how much weight you can lose and how fast you can lose it.