Today’s P.I.T.A., MSNBC Breaking News And The Missing Link

Like a lot of people, I subscribe to various news services to get “Breaking News” reports. Now aside from the fact that many times the things that appear in these emails hardly qualify as “breaking news” by any stretch, I am not a hamster, there are sometimes headlines that I’d like to follow up on and read more about them.

However the geniuses at msnbc have decided that including a permalink url for the headline in the email is unnecessary. For example, have a look at one such email I received recently: BREAKING NEWS: Democrats strip Michigan of all delegates for scheduling
early primary

Find out more at

I didn’t bother including the standard footer that all of these emails contain.. which by the way is longer than the “breaking news” it’s presenting.

You will note that the only url included was for the breaking news page at msnbc. The problem with that is that since I didn’t open this email the instant they sent it, their breaking news page doesn’t have any mention of the story in the email. Now if I want to find it to read more about it, I have to spend ten or fifteen minutes digging through the mess that is their site to TRY to find the story.

Seems to me that if they want to do something sensible they could include in that email, a permalink url for that story (like most other news emails do) so that it’s possible to go directly to the story without having to waste time digging for it.