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Smoking Man

Posted by Non-Hamster on March 30th, 2013

Farquat (what can I say?  His mother didn't want or like children) had a number of difficultis in his life.  Not the least of which was his name.  He has however managed over time to conquer all of them one at a time.  He gained the respect of those who teased him like crazy as a kid when he conquered another problem and created a new business at the same time.

You see Farquat was what you'd call a dedicated smoker.  He *really* enjoyed a good smoke and over the years he became quite the connoisseur.  He spent several years learning everything there is to know about smoking.  From the different varieties of the tobbacco plant and how they're grown, harvested and cured to the tinyest details of the manufacture of cigarettes and cigars.

He is to smoking what a wine taster is to wine.  He can, with one puff, tell you where a cigarettte or cigar was made, by what company, using what exact blend of tobbacco, name any additives used and more.  In some cases he can even tell you the name of the farmer who grew the tobbacco used in it and precisely when it was grown.  Even what the weather was like that year.

So it was no big surprise to many people when he created a service that he had found severely lacking in the Nutjob Hills environment, a cigar rating service.  He started publishing a small magazine in which he writes about all things related to smoking.  One of the features in that magazine is current ratings for all known brands of cigarettes and cigars.

Smokers love his content and manufacturers respect and fear him.  One word from him will spell success or total failure for any product they make.

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