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Sound Issues

Posted by Non-Hamster on April 16th, 2013

In my many Mineraft and Kerbal Space Program videos I have on occasion had "issues" with sound quality.  While I've always done the best I can given the hardware I have available it seems that there's always somebody with some "brilliant idea" about how I could improve things so much more.

One of these common ideas is to get a better microphone.  I'll grant you that the 'el cheapo Logitech headset mic I was using at first left a lot to be desired it was at the time the best that I could afford.  This is why suggestions that I should get a blue yeti at guitar center have a tendency to fall flat.  While I have to say that the sound quality coming from such a microphone is absolutely excellent (I've seen a lot of videos by people that use them), the simple fact is that it is not within my budget to get such a gem of a mic.

Instead I had to make do the best I could with the Logitech mic for well over a year and a half until a generous person donated funding and recommended that I get a Turtle Beach EarForce x12.

While it's a long way from the blue yeti, I've found that it's a massive improvement over the old Logitech unit.  When I first started using it I got a lot of comments from viewers that said as much.

Thing is, now that it's no longer "new", once again people are occasionally suggesting things like the blue yeti.

I'm sure it's in my future but right now that's a long way off.

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