Huckabee Getting Noticed

What’s wrong with this picture? (hint, the political vacuum cleaners have hit the ground full speed, trying to suck up everything they can possibly manage to twist around to sound worse than it is.):


GOP presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee may be at the top of the polls, reports Brian
Montopoli, but his campaign remains markedly different from that of his rivals.

One thing I don’t see that he’s in anything like a “scramble” at all. That I can tell, he’s doing pretty much like most candidates and spending a lot of time talking to a lot of people trying to convince the voters that he’s the best choice for president.

Something I have seen so far is that unlike most (if not all) candidates, Huckabee isn’t running a negative campaign. Instead of spending most of his time going on about how his opponents are bad choices and have done this and that wrong ad nauseam, he’s focused on what his plans are and what he hopes to accomplish. I haven’t decided quite what to think about him yet but I have to say that I like this quality about him. He’s not turning his candidacy into yet another excrement slinging contest.

I am not a hamster, I think that this one quality is going to have him stand out from the others. Combine that with his Christian background and the way I’ve seen him handle questions about his faith. Another factor is that he talks a lot more like an ordinary person. In several interviews I’ve seen him in he’s always come across as just somebody trying to do a job.