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Treasure Hunt

Posted by Non-Hamster on July 27th, 2013

Last week was the 47th annual Nutjob Hills Treasure Hunt and this year turned out to be quite a surprise.

Normally this "treasure hunt" is mostly a "for the fun of it" event with "prizes" that could be anything from assorted stuffed animals to coupons for two dozen doughnuts from Moe's Beanery and Doughnut Shoppe to more odd seeming prizes like a collection of antique bottle caps or an old pair of shoes certified to have been worn by some famous person.

This of course is why I've never bothered taking part in this "illustrious event" as the city council calls it.  I've never really wanted to spend all day solving puzzling clues and trying to beat half the town to the location of the next clue just to "win" a "prize" like that.

This year however turned out to be rather different.  You see each year the prize is made up of donations by local citizens.  It turns out that the prize for the hunt this year was a ornate mohogany box filled with no less than 60 us mint gold coins that was donated by the rather wealthy and somewhat mysterious stranger that moved here a few years ago and bought the "haunted mansion" on the edge of town.

Not only that but the coins all turned out to be highly valuable mint condition specimens that are some of the oldest us coins around.

When asked where he got them the stranger only smiled and said that he's been collecting for a long time.

Why does that make me just a bit nervous?

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