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E-25- Fuel Transport Challenge

Posted by Non-Hamster on July 27th, 2013

I saw a thread on the KSP forum with a challenge to lift a full jumbo 64 fuel tank to orbit.  This is my entry.

Click here for the X-Ddrive mk2 craft file

This ship design, while admittedly overdone in some ways, is able to reliably lift approximately 60 tons to an 80 to 140 kilometer orbit.

It's built entirely from stock parts and should work in any version of Kerbal Space Program from 0.18.2 onward.  In version 0.21 you will need to add reaction wheels because of changes to the ASAS system in that version, I put them on top of each of the FLT-400 fuel tanks that the LV-N atomic rocket engines are mounted on and had good results.

This video is my proof of accomplishment for the challenge thread on the KSP forum.  That thread however was lost in a forum crash back in April 2013.

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