Today’s Forecast – Noise Front Arriving Soon

Well things are shaping up for a “noise storm” to end all.

Recently yoga guy has been recruiting more than usual. Not only has he got no less than five “bands” (term used very loosely here) that will all be playing different music simultaneously, he’s also putting together a “choir” of something over 350 people at last count. Since he recently bought 500 microphones I figure this number will keep going up for a while.

Today came more news and I can’t say I’m surprised. Though as much as he spends on this stuff I can’t help but wonder where he gets his money. Not only has he bought a mess of jbl prx415m at guitar center he has bought a LOT of them. Seems he’s got a pair of semi’s coming to his house in a couple of days, both filled with concert speakers. (as if the monster things he has in his front yard aren’t loud enough!)

I found out about this while passing time talking to the local sheriff at the Nutjob Hills Diner. Seems yoga guy had to get clearance & permits and such to bring the semi’s into town.