Not Her. (almost) Anything But Her

The election is still a long way off and yet I’m already looking forward to it finally being over with. I mean the political advertising hasn’t even gotten going full blast yet and I’m already sick of seeing “it” on the news practically every time it’s on. It’s almost like this weird kind of nightmare in which no matter where you go, a big screen tv on a plasma lift rises out of the floor or a handy counter top and switches on to show “it” again. I can’t even begin to imagine if “it” were to get elected.. the nightmare would have come true in a very real way. and now there’s this latest in the world of stupid questions:


As the world of politics fixates on the women’s vote in this cycle, there looms a
question: What about the guys? The question for Hillary Clinton is whether she can
garner enough male support to win, the Washington Post reports.

The answer is an absolute “NO”.

Before anybody goes flaming nuts because they think I’m getting all nasty about her because she’s a woman… no, I am not a hamster, I wouldn’t vote for “it” regardless of gender… “it” is not something I would want in the White House regardless of gender. (assuming there is any)

So No, she doesn’t have enough male support. neither is there enough female support or enough Martian support… It’s just too horrible a thought to consider.