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Over Economizing

Posted by Non-Hamster on September 9th, 2013

I realize more than most just how hard times are these days and just how far a dollar does NOT go compared to a mere five years ago but sometimes I think people overdo things just a tad when it comes to being "economical" and saving money on every little thing.

One good example of this is Fred and Freida.  They're a seemingly normal couple with four school aged children.  Because of several bad turns when it comes to money and their farm almost going under they've learned to squeeze a penny hard enough to make Lincoln scream.

They've tightened their belts in everything that involves money, including things thier kids need for school.  The second hand clothes, low grade paper, used notebooks & other things I understand.  But really, when they started carrying their lunches in small burlap sacks I started to wonder.

It seems Fred and Frieda had tons of the things in their barn that weren't being used.  First they appeared as tough, reuseable lunch bags.  Then they started being used to patch clothing that had torn.  Finally all four children started appearing in school wearing outfits made entirely of burlap.

I don't know which is more odd.  The fact that this happened or that NOBODY appeared to think anything of it at all.

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