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Snow Scenes In August

Posted by Non-Hamster on December 27th, 2007

I know that the Christmas holidays are done for this year, but I'm still going to do this to you anyway... some cool gift ideas... because it doesn't have to be Christmas to give somebody something cool.  There are birthdays, anniversaries and "just because it's Tuesday" to consider as well.  If nothing else, now really is the best time to start thinking about what you want to do for next year... if you get some thinking and planning done now you can save yourself a whole lot of in-store aggravation next year.  I am not a hamster, that sounds pretty good to me.

Vat19 is a site I've talked about before simply because they've got some really cool stuff.  One great example is "Insta Snow Fake Snow Powder".  It's a non toxic substance that, when you add water, expands to 100 times it's volume that looks and acts just like real snow .. except that it doesn't melt!  It's cool to the touch and lasts for weeks.

Not only that, but a little bit goes a long way.... a three and a half ounce jar will make two gallons of fake snow.  They also have it in a 1 pound bag that will make 8 gallons of snow!  Just think of the possibilities!  Imagine making up a batch of this stuff and building a snow scene in the front yard... in July!  (hrm.. Now that sounds like an idea I'm going to think about. *cackle*)

Recently I got samples of some of their products one of which was the insta snow.  Now I'm giving serious thought to getting a supply of it to use next summer.  Snow in Arkansas in August ought to raise an eyebrow or two don't you think?

Another item in the samples I received was "Color Flames Colored Candles".  These are pretty cool also.  A nice variation from the old relighting candle trick in that these guys burn in color.  They actually have varieties with red, blue, green, white, orange or purple flames.  They're the same size as standard birthday candles.

Finally there was an "Ambient Fire Video Fireplace DVD".  This is perfect for people who love a fireplace scene in either a romantic or peaceful setting either in places where you can't have a fireplace or for when you just don't want to mess with logs, lighting it and dealing with the smoke..  It features several fireplace scenes with logs burning, crackling flames and all.  You select the fire you want and then choose the sound option... music, fire sounds only, or a combination.  It can even be set to loop indefinitely so that it will play until you stop it.

The scenes are all shot in 1080i High Definition and is designed to fill the screen whether you're using a 16x9 or 4x3 aspect ratio on a hi-def or conventional set so it's going to look as real as it can without building an actual fire.

It seems like there's no end to the stuff they keep coming up with.  Like the talking photo album that allows you to record up to ten seconds of sound saved in flash memory for each of the 24 photos in it.

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