Since it’s so slow out….

….what is there to pass the time with until something happens that the media people think is worth blasting out a “Breaking News” item about it?

Perhaps the problem is that the world needs a good makeover. In that case we need to call in Ty Pennington and tell him to have at it. Hrm… on second thought, I wonder if that’s a good idea at all? I mean turning him loose on a project of that magnitude… and just imagine the bullhorn he’d want to use… user shudders.

Besides that, the one thing I never cared for about his makeover shows is what he did with the bathrooms. I am not a hamster, He’d use these wierd looking sink fixtures and bathroom vanities that look like they fell out of weird art magazine.. not made for utility at all. Call me old fashioned but I like bathroom facilities to be functional above all else and really, how useful is a sink that’s shaped like an upside down pyramid with the bottom (top?) cut off?