Today’s P.I.T.A: Watchbands

For Christmas this year one of the things I got was a new watch. Before I go any farther I have to say that this watch is something I’ve wanted for a long time and I’m incredibly glad to have it. It’s even the model I’ve preferred most for the last 15 years or so, the Timex Iron Man Triathlon with the 3 year lithium battery and all the bells & whistles that I like in a watch.

My issue is with the alleged “genius” at Timex that decided to change the design of the band so that it’s next to impossible to exchange the factory original band for a much more comfortable Velcro strap style that I had on my old Iron Man Triathlon before it finally died of old age.

I am not a hamster. I think I’m being totally reasonable to want to have the watch I like and prefer above others and use the band I prefer with it. As it is, the one that comes from the factory is the cloth Velcro type, but there’s two little snags in it.

First, it’s just >< that much too small. It fits, but there are days when it can get so tight that it hurts. (yes ladies, we men get bloated too, it's just that we rarely, if ever, want to think of it like that.) Second, the style of band I had on my old watch had the band material between my skin and the back of the watch. This one puts the back of the watch right against my skin and that is sometimes part of the reason wearing it gets painful... Which is really irritating since I'm one of those guys that gets a new water resistant watch and puts it on and then takes it off maybe once in three or four years to replace the band or battery.