Update On a Recent P.I.T.A.

Back on January 5th I posted an entry in the “Today’s P.I.T.A.” category about some really annoying troubles that we’ve been experiencing the Charter cable. Readers who’ve seen the comments on that post will have noticed that the first comment on that post was written by somebody at an executive desk in their corporate HQ in ST Louis.

I called the number they left and gave my contact information the following Monday. I got a call from somebody else in the ST Louis office Wednesday and after explaining the details of the problem they told me that they would need to talk to some of their tech people in my area and get back to me. I just got another call a few minutes ago and now there’s going to be a tech come out to check out the cable box.

While the situation isn’t resolved yet I am not a hamster, it’s starting to look like this situation might actually get resolved. It’s also a great example of the voice of a blogger getting more attention than the voice of a customer calling a help line. That’s also pretty cool

More on this when it happens.

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