Oddness Overheard

You hear some of the strangest things close to home. For example the Nutjob Hills Diner is only a few miles from my house but I’ve heard some of the absolutely strangest things there than I would expect to hear had I gone to another dimension.

When I got there one day last week (before the blizzard), two guys were in a booth next to mine arguing. One says to the other “Just what am I supposed to do with all these nixon watches?? Yeah he was president but it was 37 years too early and before the invention of the “Y” pill.

As I sat down thinking about just what this might actually be all about the guy looked up and noticed me. Suddenly their conversation shifted to publishing a science fiction novel they had co-authored.

The next time I looked up both of them were watching me and looking oddly nervous, like they had something to hide.