The More You Worry, The More There Is To Worry About

I really wish that so-called news media wouldn’t be so blasted quick to blast out headlines like this one:


Wall Street plunged again Friday amid renewed fears that the financial sector’s
troubles with bad credit won’t soon end and that some consumers are buckling under
signs of a slowing economy.

The problem with things like this is that they’re self-fulfilling prophecies. It reminds me of something that happened on the Tonight Show back in the 70’s. In the course of his monologue, Johnny Carson made a joking reference to an impending toilet paper shortage. The very next day stores all over the country were inundated with people buying up all of the toilet paper that they could lay their frightened, greedy little hands on.

I believe that there was another incident that involved some celebrity type that people tend to listen to simply because they’re celebrities said something about having trouble finding certain auto accessories and within one day that particular item was very hard to find because people had allowed their fear to control them and they just had to run right out and make sure they got theirs.

I’m not saying that they should not report true and accurate news… far from it. However I do think that the news media should be more responsible and not go out of their way to blast out headlines designed to feed public worry and fear. I mean, I am not a hamster, Don’t we have enough stuff to worry about without the news media making sure to add to it with every new headline screaming off the screen or page in bold all-caps?