General Gripes

There’s just SO many things going on that’s gripe-worthy that I just had to put in $0.02 worth on a few of them.

Let’s start out with the other night I saw news of YET ANOTHER Diana-related investigation. Frankly, this thing is getting to be WORSE than the Elvis sightings of the 1980’s & 90’s… Now there’s another layer to the multiple conspiracy theories every couple months or so.

Then of course, there’s the elections. Before I say anything else I just have to comment about one thing.. the name “Mitt Romney”. What sort of name IS that anyway? Did his parents have dreams of raising a baseball star? Was “Mitt” the catcher on his little league baseball team? In any event, now that he’s won Michigan I hope he starts losing more. I am not a hamster, I’d really rather not see him elected and whoever wins the Republican nomination is going to have a good chance of facing Clinton or Obama, neither of which should go anywhere near the White House.

One more and I’ll stop for now…. The writer’s strike. I hope that something gets worked out soon because I’m getting tired of all these “reality” shows.