Oil Prices

Once again gas prices are on the rise. As usual we’re being handed all of the same excuses when in reality the primary reason for the prices to keep skyrocketing the way they are is pure unadulterated greed and nothing more.

Which is why a news story like this one is really annoying:


President Bush’s spokeswoman says he is hopeful that last minute conversations with
Saudi King Abdullah may have convinced the OPEC giant to increase oil output to ease
price pressure. Mr. Bush is now in Egypt, an important, but difficult ally.

The Saudis and OPEC have proven over the years to be extremely greedy and that profit is their only motivation. They could give a half a flip how much it inconveniences anyone or how much of a burden they cause by keeping the prices so high. All they want is the money, nothing else matters to them.

Now President Bush is going to have a talk one or more people over there and we’re supposed to believe that there’s a chance that they’re going to somehow decide to make nice nice with the oil prices??!?!? Puh-leese! I am not a hamster, I’m not going to believe anything like that until the price at the pump for regular unleaded gasoline is less than 99 cents per gallon.

I won’t be holding my breath

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