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Maybe, Just Maybe

Posted by Non-Hamster on March 18th, 2014

So it seems that there might just be something to the rumor after all.  There has been mounting evidence that yoga guy might, maybe, possibly, be getting ready to move and leave me and the rest of this part of Nutjob Hills the quiet nice place to live that it used to be when he first moved in.

However even as the evidence in favor continues to mount up there are occasional bits of evidence that point to his remaining in Nujtob Hills, living next door to me, for the foreseeable future.

Such as recently when he bought several new bits of furniture for his house and then just yesterday I was at the Nutjob Hills Diner when, along with my coffee I got the sound of him yammering away at the table next door about how he's ordered this "excellent audio technica ath-m50 from guitar center".  He went on and on about how great this thing is and how he had spent an hour making special shipping arrangements for it and so on.

It's obvious to anyone that if he's ordering musical instruments and other music related paraphernalia that require such special handling that he'd either wait until after a move or have it sent to the new place instead of here.

I guess I'll know more if this fancy set of headphones arrives by Brink's truck in the next couple days.

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