Canning Operation

I was reminded today of one summer back in the early 1970’s when my father decided that we were going to cash in on the monstrous number of beer cans casually tossed along the side of the freeway in Tulsa.

We would all pack into the car and head out with plastic trash bags and spend the morning collecting cans. The areas near on and off ramps were the best areas to look, especially along the chunk of freeway that leads out to lake Keystone. From the literally thousands of cans we collected on any one outing you’d think that drinking while driving was actually encouraged instead of against the law.

After a morning and part of the afternoon out collecting cans we’d head for home where the car (one of those monstrous old station wagons, not the tiny excuse for a car that THINKS it’s a station wagon.) would be unloaded. We would dump what seemed like thousands of aluminum cans in the garage. The next task I remember was crushing them so that the wouldn’t take up so much room. Back then I would have loved to have an actual can crusher, as it is, we used a variety of ways to do the job from stomping them flat to smashing them flat with a brick or sledgehammer.

I am not a hamster, recycling is a good thing and it’s been a good thing long before this really annoying “GREEN” thing came along. However I’m also grateful that I’ll NEVER spend another Saturday morning on a freeway on ramp collecting beer cans.