Lets NOT Send In The Clones

I think by now most people have heard at least one mention of the recent announcement by the FDA that they’ve decided meat and milk from cloned animals is safe to eat. I also think that entirely too many people are giving this toping the “yeah… and?” treatment and I’m pretty sure that’s a mistake.

The problem lies with the fact that the FDA makes this decision when they couldn’t possibly have spent enough time (like 50 years minimum) to truly investigate the long term effects of eating food that is the product of cloned animals or genetic engineering.

I think it’s also not only a mistake, but a sad fact that most people are not aware of the fact that most foods that contain corn or soybean products also fall into this category because genetically modified corn and soybeans have been in use for several years now. Again, there has been nothing even remotely like a serious long term study of the effects that this stuff can have on people over decades. In fact, it’s downright pathetic that this hasn’t got everybody’s internal b*llSh*t alarm system monitoring circuits screaming “YOU’LL BE SOOOORRRRY”

The reason for concern here is very real. Genetics is probably the single most complex aspect of biology known to man. There are thousands, even millions of variables involved. In spite of huge advances in mapping the human genome, humanity has only just barely begun to scrape the very thinnest layer of the surface in this science. There is so much that we don’t know about this subject that for the FDA to say it’s “safe” to eat meat or drink milk from cloned animals is positively naive enough to be dangerous.

Even so, if this were something that could be guaranteed to only effect those who choose to eat it then I suppose that’d be sorta acceptable. (not right mind you, but it falls into the category of people living with the consequences of their own actions and decisions.)

The problem is that this isn’t something that can only affect those who make the choice. This kind of thing can easily end up having harmful effects on future generations that have not even been conceived yet because of the potential harm that could be done to our own genetic material.

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