Giants Defeat Packers 23-20 in Overtime

While I didn’t watch the game tonight I’m going to comment on it anyway. First off I’m going to say right out that I wanted to see Green Bay win it. The resulting Super bowl would have been positively incredible. Besides which, I’d like to see Brett Favre have one more shot at the Superbowl before he starts thinking seriously about retirement. I’m sure he’s still in good shape or he’d not still be starting or playing the full game but I am not a hamster, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that sooner or later he’s going to have to pass leadership of the Packers on to somebody else who’s going to have a better shot of taking on younger, monstrous players that could be poster children for bodybuilding supplements whether they use ’em or not.

In any event, now that it’s going to be the Giants vs the Patriots, I’m going to be very interested in seeing Tom Brady and Co make it a clean sweep and stay undefeated. Of course, they’ll have to deal with a Giants team that hasn’t had a shot at it in like seven years and are no doubt going to go into that game hungry.