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Well, Nobody got literally shot but I assure you that the title of this post is entirely accurate.  An employee of Steak and Shake has indeed managed by his stunning demonstration of how to be an insensitive idiot, to do a nice job of shooting the company in the foot

Backing up just a bit, My wife told me about a blog post she'd seen called Boycott Steak and Shake.  I took a look at that just to see what it was about and was amazed to find out that it was talking about a post written by another blogger who is standing up for a deaf person being denied service at a Steak and Shake because she wasn't able to use the drive through speaker [uh.. Hello? Anybody home in there? .. Hmph... guess not]

I am not a hamster, this guy needs to look for a job that doesn't involve contact with customers because obviously he's not cut out for it.  His little display of stupidity has already cost the company in terms of business and reputation.  It's no doubt going cost them more before this mes is over.

I'm joining these other bloggers in calling for a boycott of Steak and Shake until Karen Putz gets an apology from the CEO of the company himself, Alan B Gilman.

I'm also asking readers to join in spreading the word & standing up for Karen and everyone else with a disability who wants a $$!#%!#%@ shake.

Take a few minutes and read those posts.  Submit them and this one to Stumble, Digg, Reddit or whatever social bookmarking sites you use.  Let's get the word out about this and get something done.

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  1. DeafMom on 26.01.2008 at 20:49 (Reply)

    Thank you for your support!

    1. Non-Hamster on 26.01.2008 at 23:03 (Reply)

      No problem.  There was no excuse for what that idiot did.

  2. Stephen Hopson/Adversity University on 27.01.2008 at 06:15 (Reply)

    I blogged about it too in my weekly gratitude post. My gratitude went to Karen Putz for having the courage to stand up and be counted in the face of withering criticism and pressure. Her story both inspired and pressed some deeply hidden buttons that I didn’t know existed!

    Thanks for helping a fellow blogger spread the news – she’s my buddy too!

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