Is It That Time Of Year Again?

Apparently it is, although I think that fewer people know about it than before. What with as busy as the world has gotten I really believe that there’s a large percentage of people that pretty much never think about it at all. Yet here it is, constant and reliable in it’s appearance as always.

Though I am not a hamster, it’s showing up on fewer television stations for shorter time spans than it used to. In spite of the fact that the problem still exists and in fact as far as I know it’s just as big of one now as it was thirty years ago when the UCP telethon would take up an entire weekend. There would be stories about the research and how it was progressing in various diseases from all of the variations on cerebral palsy and other debilitating conditions like fibromyalgia.

I wonder, what will the modern, Internet based world do in place of the tradition of the annual telethon?