Clearly Not At All

I think perhaps one of the most annoying things about the news, television news in particular, is the infuriating tendency to mis-pronounce things. One of my favorite things to hate hearing them say is “Blytheville”. Even though the correct pronunciation is “Blythe Ville” with two clear and distinct syllables, most of the on air personalities on kait, (our local tv station) consistently pronounce it “Blahvul” with the syllables jammed together. Every time I hear it I want to get out something like a plasma cutter and demonstrate that a word or name with multiple syllables needs to be pronounced correctly by separating the syllables.

Before anyone decides that I’m just picking at a nit, I am not a hamster, that was just ONE example. Anyone who watches kait for a few days will hear an amazing number of ways in which the English language and the pronunciation of it is mangled into near unrecognizable condition.

I understand that they’re just people and are not going to be perfect. I’m not either. Yet I think that with a job such as News Anchor, clear and precise pronunciation would be important. It’s all a part of delivering the news. What good is it if we can’t understand the ones delivering it?

Not much.