Exxon Mobil Takes Record Profit

That’s right. While we sit paying obscene prices for fuel, those who’re selling it have managed once again to set an all time record for profit.

What I don’t get is why this is allowed to go on. I am not a hamster, If they were actually investing the lion’s share of their money in finding new oil reserves, developing alternative energy and other things designed to eliminate our dependence on foreign oil then I can’t for the life of me imagine that they could possibly be taking record breaking profits.

If they did even half of what they CLAIM to be doing, then the accountants would be reporting that they’re doing little more than breaking even.

Tell me. When was the last time Big Oil did anything like that?

Answer: Never.

The reason is simple. Greed. These so-and-so’s aren’t the least bit interested in finding ways to make things cheaper because it’s not in THEIR interest to do so. Only when those of us who have to pay those outrageous prices find some way to force the issue will there be any kind of relief

The problem is finding an effective form of force that isn’t also illegal and / or in human.