Writer’s Block

Two words that every writer never wants to see, hear or worst of all, live. You have the need to write, perhaps an assignment for a class or job, or just your own “I want to write every day” thing and all of a sudden the words just don’t come. I am not a hamster but when this situation comes along I kinda feel like one sitting here at the keyboard with not a clue what to write or how to break the block.

I’ve decided that while I really do want this blog to be entertaining as much as possible, I also want it to not have great big gaps between posts. This means that if, like now, I can’t seem to figure out which of the eleventy-zillion good, cool, funny, or thought provoking things that there are to write that I’ll just start out by writing about not writing.

Of course, the problem with not writing is that for someone like myself, who tries to earn at least part of a living by monetizing blogs, not being able to write can be a catastrophe. I know, I know… there’s plenty of people that say how anything that has to do with the content of posts somehow makes the blog impure if it’s done for money, yet many of these same people have adsense and bidvertiser ad blocks in their posts so that the text actually has to wrap around them and thats ok. On the other hand if I agree to put a link to something like HDMI switches into a post that supposedly makes my writing less pure.

I disagree. I’m still writing what I choose to write. If I tailor the phrasing just a bit to accommodate a link that still doesn’t alter what I’m writing. In fact, sometimes it makes for quite a challenge finding a way to work it in that doesn’t choke the flow of thoughts.

Take this post for example. I think I did a reasonable job with it and I didn’t have the first clue how I was going to do it when I started writing. Not bad if I *do* say so myself.