Fun with Video

The problem is, until you’ve got the right setup, making videos isn’t exactly what I’d call “fun”. In fact, it can be a downright challenge. Oh, I’ve made a few videos, most of which I consider to be kinda lame and not anything like what I originally wanted them to be. One good example is one that I posted here on I am not a hamster not too long ago. It was ok for what it was, but even I have to admit that it was kinda lame and it wasn’t anything like the original vision I had for it.

Thing is, now the bug has bitten and I’m wanting to make more. One thing that makes it easier is that there’s a video camera in our future so that making videos will be a lot easier. It won’t be required to “lame out” with a string of screen capture video, stills, text and transitions.

There’s actually several projects being tossed around, one of which I expect to show up here on this blog in the next week or so (hopefully sooner but there’s no telling what may get in the way of production). In the other ideas department, there is the possibility of some cooking videos to be made for inclusion on Tinfoil Chef, though I think it’d be really nice if our kitchen looked like the one in the picture on the directbuy web site… I’d love to have one that big and well equipped.

My current project however, isn’t going to be in the kitchen and may not even involve live actors although that could easily change depending on when the video camera shows up. I’m planning something that, if I can actually get done what I’m thinking of, ought to be at least semi-interesting.