After The Video, What’s Next?

Now that the video is done and apparently a success. ok, I am not a hamster, I get that it’s a success in my mind because I like the results. It’s entirely possible that there are one or two people on Earth that don’t like it but I couldn’t begin to tell you their names.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch… Tonto, realizing that the Lone Ranger was more of an action hero type than he was a writer, started crafting a script for a Saturday Morning Cereal. (that’s a bowl of Corn Flakes with scenes printed on the box, available once a week.)

<ahem> anyway.. as I was saying.

I’m mulling over ideas for another video but haven’t settled on anything yet. Maybe something that combines the space scenery used in the last one with a bit of live action and special effects. Perhaps something where aliens that look amazingly like humans travel to Earth because their planet is undergoing a global crisis. They beam down a team of specialists that connect to our Internet and download thousands of Shutterfly coupons. But I suppose that’s a tad strange… even a Monty Python meets Star Trek kinda thing.. no.. I don’t guess that’s such a good idea after all.