Summer Vacation

I am not a hamster, I know it’s a tad early to be planning a summer vacation but think about it for a second. With winter doing it’s nasty best to make life miserable, a good distraction from it can be planning that vacation you’d like to take when summer comes along.

Over the years I’ve thought about a lot of possible places to take a vacation trip, but there’s one that I’ve overlooked. Branson Missouri. Living in the corner of Arkansas that I do it wouldn’t be all that much of a trip, a LOT more doable than heading to some coastal city or Hawaii or other more distant (and expensive!) places. On that scale, Branson is practically in our back yard.

Another thing about it is that there’s a lot more to do there than some might think. Yeah, they’ve got lots of music (and not just country western either). The list of shows is really impressive with a list of stars as long as your arm.

There’s a magic show with Kirby VanBurch that’s supposed to be really good that I’d like to see (what can I say… I’m one of those that’s always looking for the wires & trap doors) and Breakfast with Mark Twain sounds like something that’d not only be entertaining but might make you think a bit.

Then there’s things like their theme park, Silver dollar City. There’s Museums like “The Titanic” that’s even got a mess of stuff that was saved from the ship. Ripley’s Believe it or Not is full of some fascinating stuff and on and on and on. It’s actually hard to believe that there’s that much to do in “a small town in Missouri” but there is.