A Night At The Oscars

Well… sorta… That means it was Oscar night and reportedly some 800 million people watched it… at least that’s what they claim. I personally doubt it. Along with the Oscars there is the usual blabfest about the (usually so-called) fashions involved. Mind you, this alleged fashion thing is actually rather one sided. There’s hardly any talk about men’s fashion in all this, but I am not a hamster, that’s probably because all the men are wearing the same basic suit / tuxedo / whatever and for the most part nobody, including the men in question, really give a flatulent rodent’s hindquarter what they’re wearing.

The women however, are another matter entirely. They cover the entire spectrum from tasteful to barely dressed at all to “what WERE you thinking!?”. That I know of (which isn’t much because I only watched the first few minutes), there wasn’t anything that I saw that looked all that controversial. But I’ll just bet that the morning shows are all going to analyze to death everything worn by the female stars in attendance.