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Say Goodbye To Wipers?

Posted by Non-Hamster on February 28th, 2008

That's right.  There's a story on an Italian site (that link is to a translated version) about a new glass making technique involving nanotechnology.

They've got a four layer arrangement where each layer performs a different function... shedding water, removing dirt, detecting dirt and powering the whole mess.  Thing is it seems to me that this nanotech windshield would be really expensive to make..  wouldn't a good set of wipers be better?

Of course, I am not a hamster, I know that nanotech can be created in such a way that the end product either assembles itself or is built by a batch of nano-bots.  I wonder... what would happen if somebody spilled some of this stuff into the environment?  Would the things simply start making glass everywhere?

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