Yahoo Being Sued For Saying No

Maybe it’s just me but I think that the people who want to bring a lawsuit against yahoo for turning down the microsoft takeover attempt are overstepping their rights.

I realize that these people have a lot to gain by such a deal, but they ought to realize that by holding out for a higher bid or other, better deals, yahoo could make them a heck of a lot more money.

I am not a hamster, the solution is obvious. If they want to have more say in what yahoo does, then they need to buy enough voting stock to give them enough voice to get what they want. Until they do that, they need to remember that while they might be shareholders, they do NOT own yahoo or have the right to dictate what it does.

Personally, I think that refusing the microbrain deal was a good move. The last thing we need is a giant getting bigger.. not to mention all the open-source projects that yahoo is involved with would die out under microbrain management.