Gas Prices Soaring Again

In case you’ve been living in a cave, you’ll want to know that the price of gasoline is soaring into the stratosphere again. The greed-masters, their minions, and the various people who watch this sort of thing are predicting $4.00 a gallon by this summer. This means that if you DO take that vacation, you’d better be sure to look for a cheap hotel Las Vegas because you’re going to be putting a LOT more money in the gas tank.

I can’t help wondering why this garbage is allowed to continue. Oil companies are posting record profits all the time. The executives and shareholders are pocketing more money than every before… Meanwhile, there has not been a new refinery built in over 25 years and in spite of all their feel-good, nice-guy claims, they’re not really doing anything meaningful in the way of getting cheap alternative energy and electric cars developed to the point that Detroit can start building stuff that doesn’t need gasoline

Also, I am not a hamster, even if these greedy ‘tards want to keep the greed machine flowing, it only makes sense to get more refineries built.. With the increase in capacity they could make a heck of a lot more in volume sales if they’d only be willing to see that possibility.