Walmart blowing smoke again

I just saw a headline about Wal-Mart Slashing Prices On 16000 Items and I can’t help wondering if they really think we’ve all got the mental capacity of brain damaged hamsters. Well, I am not a hamster and I’m not buying this bill of goods.

They do this price cut thing every so often, but what they’re not making real clear is that these are temporary cuts. For example they’re cutting prices on school supplies right now because they know that’s going to bring a lot of people into the stores and for the most part they’re going to do more than just buy school supplies.

This time it says that they’re cutting prices on 16,000 items, and while it says the cuts range from 10 to 50 percent, you can bet that most of those cuts will be a lot closer to 10 percent than 50 and that most (not all) of the items with reduced prices aren’t going to be the kind of things that people spend major percentages of their money on.

What they’re NOT saying is how many OTHER things are getting their prices hiked and by how much they’re going up. Funny how stories about that hardly ever (if ever!) make it into the media.