X Marks The Spot

No, I am not a hamster, I know how corny this is but in this case it’s actually true….

Burglar’s Map Leads To Buried Treasure
L.A. Cops Follow Map To Stash Of Jewelry That May Be Worth Hundreds of Thousands Of Dollars

Seems that this guy spend years stealing valuables and stashing them. He never even bothered to fence them… though he did melt some of it down to sell, most of it was buried. Apparently he didn’t do this out of any kind of need. He did it more for the thrill than the desire to pile up loads of cash, wear lots of “bling” (do you hate that word as much as I do?) or sleep in fancy new platform beds.

The one thing thats good about this case is that after sitting in his trial hearing from the people that lost so much to his thievery, he gave up a map to a stash buried under an overpass where a large chunk of what he’d stolen.

At least some of the people get to have their stuff back.